Waterproof fabrics are composed of structures that are resistant to the inflow of moisture. These fabrics may inherently be water resistant or may be able to resist water influx by using water repellent sprays.

BestWaterproofingMalaysia.com is home to all synthetic fabrics that are waterproof in nature. Being a professional contractor in Malaysia, we provide the best waterproofing fabrics to cater to your need. These are lab tested fabrics and can withstand the pressure of moisture to a great extent. Some of these waterproofing materials are rubber, Polyurethan (PU), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Silicone elastonomers, wax and fluoropolymers. Some examples of waterproof fabrics include materials such as inflatable boats, sauna suits, and Mackintosh jackets.


 What Is The Basic Design Of Waterproofing Fabrics?

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Regardless of being waterproof, the design of these ingenious waterproofing fabrics is basically very breathable. These fabrics come with microscopic pores. These let air in and facilitate the evaporation of perspiration and excess moisture. But at the same time, do not allow the influx of water from the external environment.

Facts and Benefits

  1. Resist the passage of moisture effectively
  2. Allow water vapor to pass through
  3. Durable for use as tents and sports clothing
  4. Excellent Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
  5. Capable of withstanding pressures more than 1,000 millimeters of water (9.8
  6. Several sprays are available that make waterproofing fabrics
  7. Prevent damages to your outdoor belongings
  8. Serve as excellent materials for outdoor events


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