How Do Our Tent Waterproofing Materials Take The Lead?

bildeWe are proud of the fact that our waterproofing materials are highly durable. You can count on our waterproofing membranes to lock the moisture out of your outdoor premises and keep your belongings safe. No matter what the nature of the event is, we have got you covered! From weddings to camping, we make sure that the memories you create are nothing but pleasurable.

We conduct several tests in order to maintain the standard and excellence of our waterproofing membranes. Each one of our products is subject to the most vigorous of tests and then scanned for faults. Once we are sure of their ability to serve you well, we install these ingenious materials to help you enjoy the best day of your life.

Our regular tests include the Water Column Test (Hydrostatic Head Test) to determine the strength of our waterproofing membranes. These sheets are also sprayed with PU coatings which make them a smart choice for all kinds of outdoor events. commits to ensure that you get nothing but the best when it comes to Spray Waterproofing!