If you require an experienced and professional contractor in Malaysia to fix your bathroom leakages, then we are the right company to contact. As hundreds of our well served customers will narrate, our services are full of honesty and integrity. We put our customers first and their sense of satisfaction is of pivotal importance to us.

To make sure that your commercial buildings remain free of seepage; we have carefully focused on all the factors that could lead to potential damage. With diligent research, we have discovered that one of the leading factors of humidity and leakages are faults within your bathrooms. These are mostly linked to leaky showers and toilets. This is why we have designed products that will ensure that your bathrooms remain leak proof and do not cause any damage to other parts of the industrial construction.

At, we are committed to excellence and we do not compromise on your peace of mind.



Bathroom-waterleaking-towelThe foolproof facts

The striking feature of our waterproofing agents is their outstanding chemistry which withholds all kinds of pressure and prevents leakages. Our state-of-the-art material concepts are world renowned in effective protection against environmental hazards.
The following are some of the qualities of our waterproofing materials that help ensure that your bathrooms are hundred percent leak free.

  1.    The substances are highly efficient at handling the impact of changes in temperature; no matter how severe or frequent they may be.
  2.    They are fully capable of withstanding fatigue and damage.
  3.    These sealants are designed for longevity and will last you a lifetime.
  4.    They are eco-friendly solutions to the problems caused by seepage.
  5.    These sealants have no irritating scents.

   Once waterproofed, your shower and other bathroom fixtures will stay free of fungal and bacterial growth.


While interior waterproofing is important, you may also want to check out exterior such as Deck Waterproofing

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