Product-Sika-Range-Full   Product-Mapei is the trusted name in waterproofing services in Malaysia. We are leaders in the waterproofing industry and have a portfolio of loyal customers.  Our techniques of waterproofing in construction are the best. We target all your problem areas efficiently and provide excellent waterproofing products eg. Unolastic Bitumen, Sika, Pentens & Basf & services for structures such as:

Wall Balcony Toilet Basement Lift pit Swimming Pool & more

What benefits should you expect from waterproofing?

Waterproofing is an excellent way to ensure that the integrity of your building is not compromised. It is an effective means to reinforcing the strength of your architectural unit.

Waterproofing gives you the following advantages:

   Cost savings on repairs and maintenance
   Significant reduction in first cost of construction
   Saves time spent on repairs
   Waterproofing increases the durability of the design
   Increases the lifespan of concrete components
   Cuts out the permeability of the cement
   Renders an even surface to all irregularities
   Protects the structure from salt water penetration
   Provides sustainability to the building

You can rely on us for flawless weatherproofing too!

We also have the best solutions when it comes to flashing (weatherproofing). We have unparalleled skills in metal roof waterproofing which prevents the passage of liquids through cracks and joints. Check out our Waterproofing Materials for more info.




You may also be interested in Thermal Insulation, Basement Waterproofing, Spray Waterproofing, or call +01156222700 for more info and services!