Basement-Wall-ProblemsWhat Is The Purpose Of Waterproofing Your Basement?

For all concrete structures that have been built over or above ground level, you require smart waterproofing solutions that will help enhance their life expectancy. It is vital to also consider the drainage system of the building.

In particular, when your commercial building is situated on top of a high water table, the concrete structure is at an increased risk of damage by the ever-persistent hydrostatic pressure. This pressure keeps building against the basement floor and the walls, which ultimately give way to seepage. With our intelligent waterproofing solutions, your structure will be safe from all kinds of damages caused by moisture.

waterproofing_concrete_wallsxWaterproofing Your Basement – The Different Methods

There are various methods that will make your concrete structure capable of withstanding hydrostatic pressure. These consist of:

    1.  Interior wall sealers
    2.  Floor sealers
    3.  Interior water drainage plus waterproofing coatings
    4.  Sump pumps
    5.  Ventilation and air flow

We have a range of strong products based on epoxies and urethanes that can tolerate huge amounts of pressure. These are excellent tools to prevent spalling and thereby enhance the life and appearance of your concrete structure.

This means that no matter where the water is entering your enterprise from – the basement wall/floor joint, crevices in the foundation, or holes in the decaying masonry, we have the materials to stop it.  Check out our lawless waterproofing solutions for Roof Waterproofing.

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