Save Your Commercial Enterprise From Seepage!

Our experienced team of professionals will help you protect your commercial structures with high quality sealants.




With careful research, we have also devised special geomembranes that prevent gas and water pollution inside the building. Our innovative products are comprised of a hydrophilic system. This is capable of forming crystals that make water penetration impossible.

Crystalline waterproofing materials are another way of protecting your vital structures. These include flexible membranes which are capable of forming hard crystals in the microscopic structure. A lot of these liquid membranes consist of polymers and are known as bitumen (see graph), acrylic, PU and polymer coating. These are actually overlapped on top of substrates such as PVC, PP EPDM, HDPE and TPO Membranes.


Some elastomeric compounds are also used to waterproof masonry. These mainly consist of polyurethane. Siloxanes (see graph), silicones and silanes also make an excellent choice for waterproofing. These are capable of 150% expansion when exposed to moisture. This is how they absorb all the water and protect the concrete structure.

There are a number of ways through which you can waterproof your buildings and homes. At, we believe in providing you with nothing but the best of waterproofing chemicals. If you are in search of perfection, then you have come to the right place. is the best professional contractor in Malaysia in the field of waterproofing.



Waterproofing tools such as coatings and membranes are frequently used to waterproof various structures. In this way, the appearance and the life of the concrete structure is greatly enhanced. This Waterproofing Solutions will strongly covering of our waterproofing chemicals increases the structural integrity of your concrete establishments by making them completely impermeable. This is the ideal way of preventing seepage in any kind of structures from metal to plaster boards.

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