One-Component Water-Based Waterproofing

UNOLASTIC one-component water-based waterproofing product, it’s ready to use and guarantees waterproofing of small surfaces even without the use of reinforcement. If the reinforcement fabric RINFOTEX PLUS is used, the system reaches the very high performance levels required to guarantee waterproofing of large surfaces. It is an advanced and long-lasting waterproofing solution and it is easy to lay, hence increasing the safety of the whole system. It is the simplest and quickest waterproofing system to apply. It’s a specific product for waterproofing foundations before laying ceramics, natural stones and glass mosaic.


UNOLASTIC is a one-component creamy, ready-to-use paste in water solution, available in grey, black and brown colour, obtained by mixing bitumen, quartz filler and special elastic synthetic resins which are high water resistance. It is ready to use and it does not require water or electricity current, hence making it faster and easier to lay. When laying it on the floor, no electric mixers are needed and if the application is interrupted, the bucket can simply be closed, leaving the product perfectly ready to use next time. The paste once dried, is highly elastic, adheres to the surface excellently and is outstandingly waterproofing.


Crack-Bridging Ability: designed and calibrated to overcome dimensional movements of coating and foundations as well as to guarantee maximum adhesion of the bonded system. Greater yield and laying time through using the innovative very workable formulation, it manages waterproofs 30% of surfaces, which is more than a two-component product. This is a great advantage for the applicator and for the site, which turns out to be higher.


UNOLASTIC has a low environmental impact. We combined two-component waterproofing systems into 1 plastic tank, hence avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 1.5 kg of CO2. The technology also eliminates the quantity of concrete needed for reaching optimal performance, hence saving about another 4.5 kg of CO2. UNOLASTIC is a product with low volatile substances emissions. This will not harm the health of the people applying it and the protection of the atmosphere. UNOLASTIC ANTI-ROOT has root inhibitor added into it, thus making it resistant to plant roots.


UNOLASTIC is used to waterproof – both vertical and horizontal – plasters, plasterboard, wood, concrete and metal surfaces, cement based or plastered surfaces, as well as ceramic tiled floors and walls. It is used to waterproof wood, concrete and metal sheet roofs, balconies, roofs, foundations, bathrooms, saunas, showers and swimming pools. UNOLASTIC can be used as an elastic lining to waterproof concrete and protect it from aggressive atmospheric gases such as CO2–SO2.

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How To Apply UNOLASTIC Waterproofing System

Step 1: Preparing the surface to be treated

Step 2: Waterproofing the expansion joint

Step 3: Waterproofing the corners

Step 4: Waterproofing the perimeter joint

Step 5: Waterproofing the joint under the threshold

Step 6: Apply the waterproof primer coating

Step 7: Application of vent

Step 8: Application of drain

Step 9: Waterproofing a roof gutter detail