Membrane-Waterproofing-RoofOur peerless services have helped us become the top leader in the world of membrane waterproofing.

What are our areas of expertise?

We provide expertise in:

Metal roof waterproofing
External wall waterproofing
Balcony waterproofing
Toilet waterproofing
Basement waterproofing
Lift pit waterproofing
Swimming pool waterproofing

Through diligent research, we have come up with solutions that are best suited to your waterproofing needs. These innovative methods will last you a lifetime. This means that all you are left to look after is your business; leave the rest to us!We have carefully designed ingenious methods such as the use of retaining wall, floor moisture control and others to make sure that the integrity of your building is not compromised.

Membrane-Waterproofing-layerWhy use waterproofing membranes?

Following are the reasons behind utilizing waterproofing membranes:

The ideal way to waterproof roofs and decks
The perfect means to ensure that your balconies, terraces and walk ways are waterproof
The most effective way of waterproofing planter boxes and internal wet areas

The benefits of using waterproofing membranes

Convenient to use
Resistant to chemicals
Easy to apply
Single component
Long term resistance
Enhanced elastic recovery
Increased flexibility inside substrate
Flawless crack bridging properties

Perfection and quality – We have it all! is the solution for all your waterproofing concerns. We provide you with flawless services in the area and ensure that there are no leakages throughout your commercial enterprise.

We have the complete set of solutions for waterproofing in construction. We cover everything: from being the best suit for roof waterproofing, to immaculate basement sealing, our services are in a league of their own.  Please check out our Cement Waterproofing solution for your best knowledge.


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