How to Waterproof Your Canvas Materials?



For a vast majority of people, canvas is the material of choice for outdoor events or camping. There are various kinds of canvas fabrics available in the market: vinyl, acrylic and cotton to name a few. No matter which material you choose for you next outdoor event, our experienced team is here to help you waterproof it.

We have all the tools that will ensure that you steer clear of any kind of moisture throughout the length of your event. As our well served customers will enlighten you, we use a range of durable waterproofing material that reinforce the strength and tolerance of your canvas. We use the strongest of materials such as high density fluoro polymers to waterproof your canvas materials.



The Prerequisites of Waterproofing Canvas

Before waterproofing your canvas, ensure the following:

  1. The canvas should be dry and clean
  2. It should be free from mold and mildew infestation.
  3. Move the canvas to a well ventilated area
  4. Make sure there is no sunshine or wind at the location
  5. Spray the waterproofing chemicals all over the canvas


This process requires a skilled and professional team. Want to hire us for waterproofing your canvas? Call us at Best Water Proofing Malaysia and get the perfect shelter for your rainy days!  We also recommend you to read more for Tent Waterproofing methods.

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